Welcome to Student Employment!

Our Mission

To support the educational goals of UTC and its students by offering part-time on-campus and off-campus employment opportunities for students demonstrating financial need.  By providing assistance in the operation of the UTC campus and community with administrative and academic support and resources, students are able to achieve both professional and personal development.

There are a wide variety of student jobs, and many departments rely upon student workers to lend support to the numerous tasks to ensure the successful daily operation of UTC.  The Financial Aid Office helps employ approximately 265 students during the academic year, and offers a limited number of winter, spring and summer break positions.

The Financial Aid Office collaborates with all departments, employers, community partners, and students, in order to provide a safe and enjoyable work experience for all.

The Financial Aid Office works directly with Payroll and Human Resources in order to comply with all state and government regulations.  The Financial Aid Office is located in the Financial Aid Office in Room 202 of the University Center.

Student Guidelines and Policies

All student employment related resources are at your fingertips!  The Student Employment Handbook includes all information regarding both Federal regulations and UTC policies and procedures.  The Student home page is where you can find all job related information, forms and resources.

Federal Work Study and Campus Employment

Do you have a FWS or ASSP award as part of your financial aid package? For more information, visit the Student Employment Handbook.